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Barbara Bozzini,
AKA The Black B.

Barbara, born in Mantua and from Brescia by adoption, lives in Desenzano del Garda. She has worked as a model and has a passion for artistic disciplines, the visual arts and photography which has led her to specialize in the processing and post production of images, corporate identity and advertising campaigns. www.barbarabozzini.com is her website, which describes and encompasses all round her areas of specialization and passions: modelling, make-up, photography, visual arts, fashion and lifestyle. Barbara is also active in her social profiles under her stage name “The Black B”.

Barbara Bozzini works as Creative Director, Graphic Designer and Social Media Content Creator, taking care of the creative/artistic setting of various advertising campaigns.


The skull is among the first bones to form in the prenatal phase, and it is what remains of us when our earthly life ends.
The skull makes us all the same, strips us of race preconceptions, but at the same time makes each of us unique in the somatic traits.
It is a treasure chest and protects memories, memory, creativity, the thousand imaginary worlds created by our mind. The skull is as rigid as it is elastic.
… the skull is the synthesis of a life.
The heart together with the encephalon marks the beginning of a life, in an embryo of 16 mm the face is still “rolled up”, stuck between the encephalon and the protuberance of the heart.
Every emotion developed by our brain is modulated by the sounds of our heart beats, creating a soundtrack made up of rhythmic strokes that make us understand that we are still alive in our uniqueness.